Privacy Policy

When you sign up for Bingeworthy, you give certain information voluntarily. This information includes profile picture, name, and email. As you link your account through Facebook we also get information associated with Facebook (such as friends and/or contacts.) The information we get from Facebook depends on settings and Facebook’s privacy settings. As you use the Bingeworthy app you share with us information that you can view on the feed screen such as comments, reviews, television shows you are watching, have watched, and have stopped watching. Any User information received by Bingeworthy is not given, transferred, or sold to any third-party applications, companies, or persons. Information given to Bingeworthy is used to enhance the User in-application experience. Most information is stored in-app on the User’s device. Information used to enhance the application experience is stored on secure servers. For these servers and services we follow industry standards on information security to keep your information safe. We value your security and privacy. We will notify Users if/and when changes to this Privacy Policy occur. Users have the right to request, in writing, how their information is being used and may contact Bingeworthy, LLC.

Bingeworthy, LLC